Frequently Asked Questions


How will the impact of interventions be measured? 

Impact will be measured using SMART targets set from an initial meeting with those I will work with. Questionnaires will be used to identify changes in performance along with other measures such as interviews with colleagues where suitable.

Do you arrange tailor made training? 

Yes, both my online and on site training will be tailor made to the needs of the teacher and or school. All training is bespoke due to the nature of the changing environments you work within.

Do you offer onsite support with behaviour management?

Yes, I pride myself on the professional relationships I am able to develop with students, which I believe is the one key ingredient for getting behaviour for learning an integral part of all lessons. I strongly believe teachers can develop a method of developing mutual respect for students that can enhance the love of learning and reduce the opportunities for students to develop poor behaviour during lessons. I also believe clear and consistent rules need to be established, which again can be taught to teachers and is particularly suited to one-to-one on site training.


Do you provide online coaching services?

Yes, I provide one-to-one telephone/skype time in one hour slots at £50, or you can subscribe to my online support package and have your questions answered within 72 hours and usually faster. The subscription costs are £7 per month and I will endeavour to answer any questions related to teaching and education but may not have the answers to all subject specific questions.

What experience in teaching and coaching do you have?

I have been a nurse for over twenty years and changed to be a teacher when I hit 40 years old. I was a manager in both careers and was super organised. It had long been a passion of mine to teach and I finally gave up my nursing career to be a teacher of science in 2003. I have worked in two schools that were facing difficulties in different ways, one as a Head of Science and one as an Assistant Headteacher, with teaching and learning responsibilities. I know how hard it can be to turn a school around but am happy to say both schools are now good schools and continue to move forward. Quite a feet in todays education. I have worked in a school in special measures and understand the processes involved in making the required transformations to change the ethos and progress of both students and colleagues alike. My love for coaching has always followed me and it is this year that I finally decided I can combine my passions and become a teaching coach/consultant.

Do you provide resources to support your training and coaching?

Yes, I am currently working on several resources including a planning tool, ebook and secure Facebook group to provide the equipment to support your progress. Some resources will be bespoke depending on your style of working and method of organisation. I will be reviewing books relevant to teaching and education and will pass any good finds your way.


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